Wir freuen uns wirklich außerordentlich, daß wir am 21. April 2023 dank Felix Gänsicke (Binsurfen Crew) ein kleines Juwel von Film nach Berlin in unseren Store zum Screening bringen können und danach auch noch mit Ihm über den Film reden werden:


Tasgaoudrar is a berber saying which translates as „behind the mountains“. It is a synonym for all the fishermen who lived in the mountains and eventually came down to the ocean to settle.

The Plot

This short film tells the story of a young berber who is torn between the loss of his fisherman father and his passion for the ocean. 
„The sea is my life“ he used to say. Without spoken words the film shows the internal conversations and inner turmoil of the growing boy. 
After the loss of his father he struggles to find happiness but eventually gathers new faith through the power of the ocean. 
The discovery of surfing brings him peace and joy and ultimately friendship and meaning.

The Background

The story told is an example of the many young moroccans who grow up and often find themselves without reason and affiliation. 
Surfing though can evoke passion, friendship and devotion for a deeper meaning in life.

The Crew

Only a moroccan who grew up in such an environment could realize this project authentically. 
Ayoub Abouizza grew up in Casablanca and moved to Taghazout when he was 16 years old to find his passion for filmmaking and surfing. After many years of filmmaking and surf films, this is his debut short film. His long term friend Felix Gänsicke from Germany, who he met whilst filming for the documentary „Beyond“, soon joined his idea. 
Together and with the help of Javi and Jose Postigo from Spain they tackled the challenging film production during the pandemic in early 2021. Also the help of Karim Riah was essential to the realization of the project. 
Not to mention the surfers who took a good toll on themselves traveling with such restrictions and making it happen.


Es wird kalte Biere von Chiemseer Helles geben, Paulaner Spezi ist auch am Start!
Start: 20:00 Outside Beers n Vibe
Film: 21:00
Danach Q&A mit Felix Gänsicke (Director and DP)
Wenn es hoffentlich schon schön genug ist, zeigen wir den Film natürlich draussen, sonst natürlich cozy im Surfshop.

Wird gut.