Valley of a Thousand Hills// Rural South Africa Skateduku



The halcyon days of skateboarding are alive in rural South Africa.

In the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Indigo Skate Camp is home to the village’s very first generation of skaters, who are growing up with a different outlook on life from their elders.

Directed by Jess Colquhoun
Music performed by WITCH courtesy of Now-Again Records & Emmanuel Jagari Chanda






Distortion: Skatemovie from Berlin
Cliché Mendizabal/ Cliche Brezinski/ Chocolate Roberts Beach Bum/ Girl Carrol F#ck GIRL
New Pictures vom Ete Teamfahrer Konrad Waldmann
sos36 Search and Destroy Skatevideo: 4 Parts

Ete Surf Movie

Ete Surf Movie

Ete Interior

Ete Inside

Ete Clothing Kontakt