The Drive 2012 – Radio Skateboards – Lust For (Skate-)


Chaos n Anarchy by Radio.

Das Kingpin Magazin hat eine atemberaubende Schnitzeljagd organisiert und radio, Sweet, Persus Crew, Superdead und Crv Wkd mussten auf ihrem Roadtrip nach Helsinki verschiedenste Aufgaben bewältigen:


„In the end it doesn’t fucking matter; there was one team that was outstanding…“, Kingpin’s own, Alex Irvine declared at The Drive’s final stop in Helsinki when all the trick books were charted. „So, 2000 € in 50 € notes go to: Radio Skateboards!“

And yes, these guys did earn it by doing what they do best: partying hard, skating their asses off and having a ball!

So here is to all tomorrow’s (and tonight’s) parties… Radio skateboards‘ never ending lust for skate life!

cam&cut: maxim rosenbauer
additional filming: the team
animation: king kaehni

Radio skateboards berlin kreuzberg! skate or die! 2012









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