Surfmusic Mixtape Somewhere out there // Roadtrip Folk Wildstyle Lounge dj 75


in preparation for a surf trip
i mixed together a bourbon on the rocks, a spliff and took a easy ride behind the decks.
this mix contains mostly guitar/ folk/ blues/ jazz

music by:
tommy guerrero, fink, tortoise, seasick steve, sprout house band, calexico, ray barbee, the beautifull girls, jet black crayon, papa m, fly my pretties, michael franti, otis redding, ben harper, benny goodman, him…

picture taken in sumatra. good surf .

Introduction by Cannonball Adderly
Calexico // Banderilla
Hope Sandoval& The Warm Inventions // On the Low
Tommy Guerro // The Under Dog
Biktop Project // Rained out
Sprout House Band // Butternut
Michael Franti // Ganja Babe
Ray Barbee // Find Enjoyment
Fink // Perfect Darkness
Jack Johnson // The Cave
Fly My Pretties // Turn It Around
HIM // Part1: The Lila
Papa M // I Set my Face






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Ete Surf Movie

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