Momentum 20 Years After// Surf Documentary


20 Jahre nach dem Bahnbrechendem MOMENTUM Film treffen sich die Heroen wieder. Der Film der Taylor Steele, Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado,  und andere Groß gemacht hat. Sehr sehenswert wie Surfer vor 20 Jahren aussahen.


The Momentum generation reunites 20 years later.

Photo by Todd Glaser

Track List

1. “The Desert Won’t Save You” by U.S. Royalty
2. “Worries” by Memory Tapes
3. “Staring at the Wall” by JEFF the Brotherhood
4. “Just Ride It” by Cuckoo Chaos
5. “Doused” by DIIV
6. “You Can Count on Me” by Panda Bear







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Ete Surf Movie

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