Maroccon N Roll Surfmovie


Surfmovie by J. Rausch.


It was time to meet up again, after we haven’t seen each other since LOST IN TRANSLATION in AUSTRALIA.
We decided to take off for a journey to a country full of adventure and a mystical culture, MOROCCO. We surfed good waves, saw beautiful landscapes, amazing sunsets and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately three of us could not join. Felix flew back to Australia and Dimitri this poor kid broke is knee and Marco, i dont know what he is doing.
Anyways LORENZ SCHOBINGER, my DAD THOMAS RAUSCH and me JOHANNES RAUSCH explored the magical counter.


By the way the music Killing An Arab was inspired by Albert Camus‘ book The Stranger (also known as The Outsider). It is not a racist song. The book deals with existentialism, and the title „Killing An Arab“ was taken from a passage where the main character thinks about the emptiness of life after killing a man on a beach.





O Neill Psychofreak RG8/ Supefreak/ Epic/ Booties/ Gloves
The Drive 2012 - Radio Skateboards - Lust For (Skate-)
Supra Backwood Black
What Youth Dylan Rieder Issue

Ete Surf Movie

Ete Surf Movie

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