Instore Movie Screening: Bending Colours& Six in the Mix


Wir zeigen zwei Filme bei uns im Store. Ihr bekommt Kai Nevilles neuestes Meisterwerk den er in zusammenarbeit Red Bull Media House und ONeill gedreht hat: Bending Colours.

Genau wie beim letzten Filmscreening im Store, dem unglaublichen ART OF FLIGHT; gibt es wieder atemberaubende HD Aufnahmen aus den unmöglichsten Perspektiven.

Ausserdem seht ihr den Kurzfilm SIX IN THE MIX von Vans & Norden Surfboards, mit einem sehr interessantestem Contest Format:
6 verschiedene Bretter, 6 Rider, kaltes Wasser.

Facebook Event:

Natürlich wird es wieder Red Bulls for free geben.
O´Neill wird ein paar Goodies für euch aus Santa Cruz schicken.
Und natürlich lässt sich Vans auch nicht lumpen und hat ein Goodie Pakte geschnürt welches wir auch Verlosen werden.

Bending Colours handelt von der Süd-Afrikanische Legende Jordy Smith (O´Neill/ ) den der legändere Filmemacher Kai Neville (Modern Collective/ Lost Atlas) begleitet hat.

” Bending Colours pairs Jordy Smith with friend and filmmaker Kai Neville, in a new project that provides a candid look into the South African surfer’s life. The film follows Jordy as he travels from one wave-rich exotic locale to another, showcasing his world-class talent — in signature Kai Neville fashion — with heavy doses of surf action blended with a certain element of tasteful artistic flair and set against a solid soundtrack.

What does it take to capture poetry in motion? We take a look at the cameras used in the filming of highly anticipated surfing documentary Bending Colours…

Through the use of new camera and production technologies, Bending Colours changes the audience’s perspective on what form a surfing film can take. The usual linear narrative is dissolved as our eyes shift between layers of speed and slowness, and this was made possible due to the two cutting-edge cameras used during the shoot:

The Red

In 2008, the world of cinematography changed with the arrival of the Red modular camera systems. For once, you didn’t need to be a monied studio to be able to shoot ultra-high definition. Bending Colours director Kai Neville owns two and his cinematographer Rick Rifici rolled into town with the Red Epic to shoot water. The cameras’ ability to capture and mimic human motion via the Magic Motion feature is simply stunning.

The Phantom HD Gold

Capable of ultra slow-motion with a 35mm depth of field, this extraordinary piece of technology will soak up 1,052 frames per second (instead of the usual 24 frames), so four seconds of footage can be rolled out into a mind-twisting, intricately detailed four minutes. The downside to using the Phantom is that the surfers involved couldn’t believe the deficiencies in their technique and style. Every arm, every joust of the hips has to be just so or else it looks kooky – luckily, Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson were on hand to deliver surfing perfection every time. “











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