Fatum The Duke 6’6 and 6’8 / Supersix 6´6


Spot the crisp details on the new arrived Fatumsurfboards .
Great workmanship from the Peniche based Fatum factory: The Duke in 6’6 and 6’8 and Supersix in 6’6.

The Duke is a small wave wonder, with its wide longboard/ mini simmons style nose it glides easy in every wave and with the round wing tail it turns with ease. Perfect for north/ east see and small atlantic days.







Muschi Kreuzberg Chantal/ Bandana/ Limited as Fuck
Irie Daily Tees/ Suncity/ Girouflage/ Fine Feathers/ City Girl/ Dot Spice/ Night 2 cat
Dr Denim Frauen Jeans Kreuzberg
Ete Clothing Berliner Surfshop Picture Contest 2016 Nord Nordost Surf Film Festival Berlin Event

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Ete Surf Movie

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