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Fatum Axiom


Our new Fatum Surfboards:
Axiom White/ Blue Tail 6´4
Thrill Pill 6´2
Super Six in 6´4
Alle Bretter incl FCS II Boxen und Finnen.


axiom Fatum

AXIOM in 6´4 / 33 Liter

Gero and the Axiom go way back. Their ongoing friendship began in 1989 when he was still living and working in Sylt, where he designed this board for the small mushy conditions you usually find there. Since then, apart from some minor refinements, not much of the Axiom changed. Things do get better with age: after more than 20 years – this board still rocks.

The Axiom comes with a flat to spiral vee bottom and a winged tail for easy rail to rail transition, it was and still is the easiest and most comfortable ride among Fatum’s family of fishes. Incl FCS II Fins

Rider Any rider who wants a relaxed yet performing ride even when conditions don’t play along.
Conditions Classic „bring-your-fish-days“: small, weak, onshore, whatever…

thrillpill fatum

THRILL PILL 6´2 / 33.3 Liter

An evolution from our succesful Bulldog model, the Thrill Pill allows an even faster and responsive surfing in small wave conditions.
Its flat rocker and wide outline make wave catching easy, a big kick in the tail allows for radical maneuvers, assisted with the pronounced V in the back and the winged tail flex.

The rails are full, but given the low board thickness (and flat deck) you will still feel every movement of the wave and be able to react swiftly. Bottom contour is deep single to deep double concave, with a pronounced V in the last bit of the tail. We recommend it as a quad, but it can be ridden as a thruster as well. Incl FCS II Fins

Rider Intermediate or expert looking for a responsive and performance orientated small/ mid wave board.
Conditions  Small punchy to overhead and a half waves.

super six fatum

Super Six in 6´4 / 32.9 Liter

Ideal first shortboard or a lively alternative to a higher volume shortboard. Best Allround Board.

The Super Six offers a wider forward half for ease of paddling and catching waves, however mantaining a narrow roundtail to allow for turning radius similar to any shortboard. One Board for everything.

Bottom contour is a single to double concave, thruster is the standard fin setup. Incl FCS II Fins.




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