Fatum Fish Surfboards Axiom in 6/2 und 6/5

Fatum Fish Surfboards Axiom Wellenreiter

Fatum Fish Surfboards Axiom

Das klassische Fishshape von Gero. Vor 20 Jahren das erste mal geshaped, seitdem immer wieder verfeinert und nun das Lieblingsboard vieler Surfer.  Wenn man ehrlich ist es selten das die perfekt laufenden 2 Meter barrelnde Welle läuft, das Axiom ist für die nicht ganz perfekten Wellen Europas die Wunderwaffe. Gleitet fix an, auch in mushy Wellen schnell genug und trotzdem Wendig.

In 2 Größen am Start: 6´2 und 6´5

Gero and the Axiom go way back. Their ongoing friendship began in 1989 when he was still living and working in Sylt, where he designed this board for the small mushy conditions you usually find there. Since then, apart from some minor refinements, not much of the Axiom changed. Things do get better with age: after more than 20 years – this board still rocks.

The Axiom comes with a flat to spiral vee bottom and a winged tail for easy rail to rail transition, it was and still is the easiest and most comfortable ride among Fatum’s family of fishes.

Rider Any rider who wants a relaxed yet performing ride even when conditions don’t play along.
Conditions Classic „bring-your-fish-days“: small, weak, onshore, whatever…
Sizes 6′ 2″ 6′ 5″
width 19 3/4″ 20 1/8
ofo nose 14 1/8″ 14 1/2″
ofo tail 15″ 15 1/8″
thickness 2 3/8″ 2 1/2″
volume 31.30 l 35.60 l





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