De Passage Surf Movie




Such an amazing collaboration with Mark Tesi, the Creative Director that Directed this alongside. Shot on location in Tahiti, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and Bali, the film was inspired by me sitting digging way too deep into Jaques Cousteau documentaries from the 60’s… hence the creative direction and sound sampling.

Directed by: Russell Brownley
Cinematography by: Russell Brownley, Chris Bryan, Paul Daniels, Bali Strickland, Nic Mclean
Produced by: Shea Perkins
Edited by: Russell Brownley and Noah Carlson
Color by: Matt Fezz

Music: Grimes, Ty Segal, Big Data, Carryok






Ete Surf Movie

Ete Surf Movie

Ete Interior

Ete Inside

Ete Clothing Kontakt